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Workouts That Will Give You The Body Of An Angel



Every winter as us “regular gals” sit at home with a glass of wine and our gluten free pizza, we indulge in the time honored holiday tradition of watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Watching the highly covetable bodies strut down the runway, we all vow to return to the gym with a vengeance the next day – but what if we told you it was easier than you thought AND could be done from the comfort of your home?

Enter Katia Pryce, fitness and wellness guru and founder of DanceBody, a unique cardio and toning hybrid workout that gives her clients the long slim lines of a dancer. Here, Katia shares her “heaven sent” workout, designed to help you channel your inner-angel just in time for the show.


  1. Victoria’s Secret V-Line (abs)

Get the coveted “V-Line” on your lower abs by activating your psoas with this move:

Laying on your back, touch your knees together over your hips, keeping your feet wide (to make the shape of a V) while your upper body crunches up. Lower both the upper and lower body together, slowly! Do this crunch simultaneously with both your upper and lower body. 3 sets of 30 crunches

  1. The IT Muscle (legs)

The IT band is a lesser known muscle, with tons of paparazzi visibility, it’s that sexy long muscle down the side of any models leg that you see when they are walking in those heels:

Standing up, balance on one leg. Slowly bend the standing leg knee down so that your hands can touch the floor – then slowly bring your hands back up to reach overhead. 2 sets of 20x

  1. Delt it Up (arms)

The “golden ratio” for a woman’s body only works if you have shoulders broader than your waist – here’s how to get the perfect proportions on your upper body:

Standing up and hinging your upper body into a flat back, approximately 45 degrees, raise your arms out to the side, even with your shoulders. Bend at the elbows, bring back out to side, lower all the way down – 2 or 3lb D weights optional! 3 sets of 12x