Lineapelle Brings Italy To New York In Exclusive Showing

A Designer’s Dream

Inside Beauty attended the Lineapelle International Leather Fair which showcases only the most exclusive leather, textile, synthetic and hardware producers in the business. It also features an array of Italian cuisine vendors- some that even have beauty lines!

The company, based out of  Milan, Italy, invites designers from all over the world to Manhattan to explore new leathers and details for the incorporation of next season’s designs. Here we found some of the most stunning patterns, accessories, synthetics, and textiles we’ve ever come across!

Located at the Metropolitan Pavilion in the heart of Chelsea, the two-day event was indeed a cultural experience giving a first-hand look at the life of Italian Fashion.

Every vendor had something unique to offer, but there were a few that really stood out to us!


Ever wonder how brands like Givenchy and Armani find inspiration for their designs? Some of the credit can be attributed to the leather producers at Nova Kearu. Our editor got all details of the leather that stopped us in our tracks!

Imagine finding the softest, most gorgeous bag you’ve ever seen, then finding out it was made up of nothing more than fish scales! Crazy, right? Nova Kaeru produces organic leather by catching massive Amazonian fish and scaling them for the material!

The size of each fish determines how big the scale design will be with each cut of leather. The skin can be dyed any color, catering to each of the designer’s needs.

What we found to be the best part was that the bags are saving the environment!

The representative for Nova Kaeru explains: Because the fish are already being caught for food by the people who live in the Amazon, using the skin isn’t causing any more harm. None of the fish parts go to waste, for each part serves its own purpose. Because designers love the texture so much, using this material is actually saving the rainforest, decreasing the amount of natural resources being removed that were once a major design draw.

The Brazil-based company stands firm on their promise that, “All fish skins are processed from sub-products of the food industry and regulated by the Brazilian Insitute of Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources. ”

– Nova Kearu

Looking good and saving the environment? We’re all about it! 


This Italian luxury brand brings us some of the sweetest fragrances on the market today. The Chinotto Dark collection for skincare is composed of essential oils and nature’s best. Enhancing moisture in the skin through both perfume and lotion, Abaton products use oil olive to heal the skin!

If you worry the greasy feel of olive oil may be too much for your skin to handle, let us enlighten you. Olive oil is the closest thing to the natural oils of the skin produces on a daily basis! No clogged pores here!


Brazil comes in with that killer style once again.

Natur has teamed up with Disney to bring us their Disney Leather connection- and it is fit for a princess! With Rose Pink and Rose Blue as the featured colors for this collection, the metallic finish to the leather gives it that royal vibe.

The deeply textured patterns that can be found throughout this collection enhances the detail of the leather. The pastels set the theme for Dinsey, bringing that whimsical feel to each article designed with Natur’s Leather.

Panzerotti Bites

Bring on the food! Panzerotti offered the perfect mid-event snack to all those in attendance. These delicious mini pockets stuffed with only the best Italian ingredients had everyone racing for the sample table! Located in the Heart of Brooklyn this modern-chic restaurant open in 2017 and took over the BK food map.



From food to fashion and fragrance, Italians know how to bring a whole new theme to the cultural scene!