The Wardrobe Purge: Toss This, Donate That!

You’ve pledged that 2018 is the year you hang up your leggings (gasp!) and start dressing to inspire. All of those pins on your Pinterest board need to come to life because, like our beloved CoCo said, you should, “dress like every day is a fashion show.”

If you’ve decided it’s time to tailor your wardrobe to meet fashionista status, be prepared to purge.

Somewhere lost in the abyss, you’re still holding onto Abercrombie & Fitch polos from high school. It’s fine, we won’t judge. As nostalgic as they may be, they no longer have a place in a high quality, sophisticated trousseau. It’s going to take some work, but we’re here to help.

Phase 1: Prep the area.

Begin by clearing a space and setting aside a few hours to clean. You don’t want to start out organizing then rush to finish. Grab a bottle of wine, call your best friend, and get ready for the extraction of yesteryear.

Phase 2: Clear it out.

Empty out everything- all at once. You can’t possibly see everything you have while it’s shoved in drawers and the back of your closet. Relax, it’s going to seem overwhelming, but it’s worth it. Make sure all your laundry is done so that there isn’t anything left behind. Clear out the closet and dump the drawers. You never really realize what you have until it’s all in one spot.

While you have everything on the floor, take a minute to vacuum or sweep the closet floor, dust out the dresser, etc. It is crucial to make sure your clothing has a fresh spot to go home to.

Phase 3: Separate everything.

Now that everything is cleaned and laid out, it’s time to bring in the garbage bag(s).

Here are the rules:

  1. If you wore it in high school, throw it out. That chances that you’re the same size as you were back then are slim to none. Whether you’ve lost weight or gained it, holding on to those homecoming dresses will do you no good today. DONATE THEM!!!! Someone else will get good use out of them.

2. Does it look like you wore it to a college frat party or on spring break? Trash it. Nothing says immature like a dress that’s so short that… well- you know. We will advise that if you’re taking part in this purge while in college, still consider dropping the mini skirt. Less isn’t always more, ladies.

3. Faded black needs to go. I’m sorry to say that you can’t hold on to every black article of clothing forever. If your shades are beginning to look dark and dingy, send them to the graveyard. As good as black makes everyone look and feel, faded black does no justice. You can grab more of your black basics at Zara for a bargain price.

4. Still tagged? Donate it. We all have those “one-day” purchases, but the truth is, you either wear something new right away or it gets pushed to the back of the closet where it’s forgotten about. Unless you splurged on the item or can wear it within the week, donate it to Goodwill or a local charity. Think of it as your part in making the world a better-dressed place.

5. Part ways with your ‘comfy clothes’. This may just be the hardest part, but what many have forgotten is you can still snuggle in style. Oversized sweaters and thigh high socks are a perfect lounging around the house look – and it’s super chic. Purchase some matching pajama sets from Victoria’s Secret, throw out the yoga pants with the holes in them and bid farewell to the ragged sweatshirts. Washed out band t-shirts from the glory days and your exes baggy sweatpants no longer have a place in your life. When you dress well- even at home- you feel better all the time. Yes- that goes for your socks & underwear that are more than 2 years old as well. The intention is to have every bit of your ensemble make you feel fabulous.

6. Say so long to those shoes. Hollywood Blvd. Heels? Gone. Old gym sneakers? See ya! If you haven’t worn them within the past 6 months, with the exception of seasonal reasoning, get rid of them. Even some of your most prized shoes need to go if they’ve seen a better day and cannot be fixed with new lifts.

7. Burn your “goal” outfits. Okay, don’t literally burn them, but having a closet full of clothing that you hope to fit into again is tragic for your ego. You need to be comfortable in the skin you’re in. Everyone’s body changes as they age; if you want to slim down, do so on your own time. You’ll feel so much more accomplished when the clothes in your closet start getting baggy- plus, you’ll get to go shopping!

Phase 4: Reload everything.

If you’re one of those people who has collected every type and shade of hanger over the years, take a ride to Target to pick up a box or two of matching ones. Something as simple as uniform black felt hangers will give your closet a professional appearance- not to mention ease that OCD.

Once all of your hangers are the same, reload your closet. Look at what you are left with and form a system that will help you remember what you have. Personally, we love color coordination. Start with your darkest shades at the end and gradually transition to your pastels and whites. As for your dressers, place your most worn articles in the drawers that are easiest to reach, then fill in from there.

Getting dressed will go from a task to a triumph overnight. Now go take 2018 by storm! Just remember to revisit your wardrobe every few months.


…Happy Cleaning!

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