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De-Stressing and Progressing

There seems to have been an unwritten rule that came into effect about 15 years ago stating how we’re no longer allowed to live our lives. Our lives now must revolve around our careers and everything else comes second.

Regardless of how many companies claim to value a work-life balance, in actuality, that’s either rare or a lie. The stress of our careers not only comes from the tasks of the jobs but also from the fear that if we disconnect for even a brief moment, we will be replaced. Sounds like every bad relationship we’ve ever been in, am I right?

It’s critical to your well-being that you understand you cannot work around the clock. Stress not only develops from a list of “to-do’s”, but from a lack of happiness. Decompressing is essential to leading a peaceful, healthy life. “Stress kills”, isn’t just an expression, it’s a fact.

Here are a few tips for leading a healthier, stress-free life:

Don’t stay up late.

Often, we believe that laying in bed on our phones is relaxing; and we’re all wrong. Not giving your mind a rest is detrimental to your health. Even television can stress you out. Instead, shut down the world, lock away the phone and breathe. Light some candles, put on some lyric-less music and clear your mind. Your body will begin to ease and suddenly you’ll find yourself ready to sleep.

There isn’t a reason to stay up binge-watching your favorite shows until 2 a.m. if you constantly feel lethargic. Leave it for the weekends.

Wake up earlier.

          Going hand in hand with retiring earlier at night, waking up with time to spare eliminates that morning-rushed feeling. ‘Early to bed, early to rise’, is the best cycle your body can have. Even 20 minutes earlier -hitting snooze doesn’t count- can make all the difference. Sit down and have a cup of coffee; if it’s warm out, enjoy the morning dew. It seems poetic, but little moments like this will allow you to take a deep breath and not feel as though you’re continually racing the clock of life. 


Go for a walk.

No music, no destination, just go for a stroll. Open up to the idea of being more aware of your surroundings. You’ve lived in a city your whole life, but have you ever really explored it? Have you ever walked the streets of your childhood neighborhood as an adult?

Let the memories of your past play in your head. Reminisce about the good old days. Allow your mind revisit those innocent memories and bring you back to a point of true bliss. Listen to the sounds of children playing in the park; stop and take a second to notice that big yellow house on the corner and how exquisite it is really is. Tune in to the sounds of the world around you, it truly is beautiful how calming a walk can be.


 Turn off your phone.

Grant yourself the peace of being completely disconnected, even if it’s for an hour. Many will say you absolutely cannot ever do that. What if someone needs you? What if you miss something? What if you don’t respond to a text right away?

Instantly, the thought of turning off your cell phone triggers a panic attack. That in itself proves how consuming technology has become. Before 20 years ago, everyone survived without a constant connection to the world. It’s okay to miss a call, it’s okay to let a text go an hour or two unanswered. Nothing that will be posted on Instagram will be so important that your life is altered.

If everyone started to give less power to technology and more power to self-reflection and relaxing, people wouldn’t be so tense all the time.

The world needs to understand you need your time to yourself.


Decline the invite.

It’s okay to say ‘no’ sometimes. Don’t feel obligated to attend everything. Life goes on and the ‘fear of missing out’ is just a facade. Going out to dinner four nights a week isn’t necessary, and conserving money in any way will add to the relief of stress- and it adds up fast. You don’t need to be everywhere all the time.




Easy enough, right? Don’t take life so serisously. Accidents will happen. Things won’t go your way. There will be days when you make a complete fool of yourself and other days when you witness events that give you a sharp pain from laughing so hard. Embrace the few moments of pure joy that come with laughter.  Embrace the hiccups of everyday life and greet them with a smile. They are there to remind us it’s okay to not be perfect.



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