I Tried Dermaplaning And It Completely Cured My Acne

Before you jump to conclusions, understand that I am not someone who has had an easy time with my skin. However, I also don’t have the worst skin in the world. Hear me out.

I have suffered from breakouts for as long as I can remember. Like I said, I do have relatively good skin, but when my face breaks out, it’s BAD. I have tried every skincare product under the sun, including the sun, to clear my face. Between natural remedies, prescription meds, and over the counter products, I had not found anything that truly solved my problem.

With my hectic lifestyle, hormonal imbalances, not-so-great diet, lack of sleep, and constant bad habits of touching my face – it’s no wonder I have these issues. Still, I felt so defeated.

I had heard about Dermaplaning f0r many years but ‘shaving my face’ terrified me. Close to giving up on achieving blemish-free skin, I made one last attempt and headed to the Lash House Spa in Livingston, NJ.

What Is It?

Dermaplaning is a popular form of exfoliation where a skin expert uses a scalpel to gently scrape off your top layer of skin and peach fuzz. This method takes away the dead skin cells, allowing for the complexion to heal itself, breathe, and brighten.

How Does It Work?

First, my skin was cleansed and dried completely by an aesthetic expert. Next, she gently scraped my skin with the scalpel- which is completely painless, by the way. It actually felt like someone was gently combing my face. It was quick an easy. She showed me how much peach fuzz and dead skin came off my face and I was in shock. No wonder my pores were clogged!

Minutes later, when I looked in the mirror, my skin was already noticeably more radiant.

*This treatment has no side effects and zero downtime. You do need to wear SPF moisturizer after, because of new skin’s sensitivity. This is more precautionary.

What Happened Next?

My skin had never felt so smooth. Within the next few days, I could not even believe the difference in my skin. My breakouts had disappeared. At last! I found my solution.


I highly recommend this to anyone going through a similar situation. Dermaplaning should be performed by a board-certified dermatologist or licensed aesthetician who is extremely experienced in this treatment.


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