Expert Real Estate Broker Provides Top 10 Home Staging Secrets

Photo by: Bobby Quillard

As a real estate broker, I look forward to helping my clients prepare their homes for sale. The next question right after “Can you help me sell my home?” is “Can you tell me what to do to get it ready?” To that, I say, “Of course…it would be an honor!”


The first thing I notice when I come to a client’s home is its curb appeal. Is the lawn neatly manicured? Is there peeling paint or mildew in the house? Let’s ring the doorbell. Oh no! It’s missing!  As you pay attention to everything else, please make sure a doorbell is there and that it works. Prospective buyers love to test the doorbell.

Once inside, my eyes instantly go to the walls, ceiling, and floors, as they tend to be the more costly items to address. The paint is in great shape, but it’s not neutral. The carpet is buckling in places, but otherwise, it’s in good shape. The vinyl flooring is a bit dated. (Do you remember the style that had the squares accented by different color diamonds at each corner?)

Is the home clean? Are the closets filled to capacity? Is there too much furniture in the rooms making them feel small?  Do the window coverings allow natural light in?  Are the fixtures still brass?

Don’t panic. Staging your home to get top dollar doesn’t have to empty the bank. Here are some of the tips and tricks top stagers use to get the client’s home ready for buyers!

  1.  Cleaning: Deep clean your home. This includes pressure washing the exterior. Don’t use overpowering fragrances as they give the impression that you’re masking something.
  2. Colors: Choose a neutral paint color that has primer blended in. Shades of gray are the new white.
  3. Flooring: If your carpet is buckling yet is in otherwise good condition, have it stretched.  Install new vinyl squares, spaced apart like ceramic tile, and then add grout! Once you clean the excess grout, it looks like ceramic tile.
  4. Fixtures: Replace outdated fixtures with brushed nickel, bronze, etc. No more brass!
  5. Bedrooms: Opt for a bed, nightstand, and dresser. De-clutter your closets and place the infamous chest of drawers inside.
  6. Lighting: Replace heavy draperies with blinds for natural lighting control and cleaner lines.
  7. Furnishings: Don’t be afraid to break up your furniture set.  Place a sofa and two side chairs with end tables in the living room. Move the coffee table to that empty bedroom, set up a board game, and place some throw pillows around it…voila a game room.
  8. Kitchen – Clean your cabinets.  Re-stain or have them painted. Update the knobs or handles. The appliances should match the cabinets, so no white appliances with Espresso cabinets, please.
  9. Bathroom – Take those cute fluffy hand towels, roll them and place them in the corner of the tub with candles and decorative soaps. Carry this look to your vanity. Keep your vanities clean and de-cluttered.
  10. Make sure your front entrance is inviting. Oh…and fix the doorbell!

Happy selling!