How To Turn Your Old Flowers Into Beauty Products

It’s always a lovely surprise to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the mail. You snap a picture for Instagram, show them off to everyone who stops by your house, and then a few days later, they die and make a mess of your kitchen counter or nightstand. A few days of bliss and then they are garbage. Or so we thought.

Florist Extraordinaire, Jerry Della Mura, otherwise known as Mr. BOKAY of Connecticut, knows that your favorite holiday bouquet can be so much more than just a weeklong gift. That’s why he came up with some certifiably awesome ways to put your flowers to use after they are no longer the perfect-looking bundle of joy they once were.

No more dumping those arrangements in the trash!

Here’s how to take advantage of your blossoms.


Not only do rose petals sprinkled in a bath instantly transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa- but they also have incredible benefits for your skin! Rosewater has been proven to soothe irritated skin and give a smoother appearance by tightening pores.

“The petals give off a natural calming scent, which can help you to push aside all thoughts of that to-do list,” says Mr. Bokay.


Although numerous flowers serve as ingredients for perfumes, the most fragrant ones are the usually the top picks! Those include; roses, jasmine, violets, lilies, orange flowers, and plumeria, as well as, lavender, magnolia, moonflower, chamomile, rosemary and sweet pea.

Creating your perfume is easy! All you need is a bottle of Vodka or Everclear, essential oils, distilled or spring water, and Glycerine, which you can buy from any local drug store.


Yarrow, a flower similar to chrysanthemums, has been used as a medicinal treatment since the time of the ancient Greeks. Yarrow has been widely utilized to treat digestive problems due to its massive concentration of flavonoids, or specialized pigments.

Several studies have also proven that yarrow can be used to heal wounds, including moderate burns. This multi-faceted flower can also be found in blood pressure medication, lithium, and blood thinners.

Much like yarrow, goldenrod, a bright yellow flowering plant, also has a long and storied history as a medicinal cure. In the past, goldenrod has been given to people with diabetes, tuberculosis, gout, asthma, and hemorrhoids. Other users are bleeding issues, and rightfully so. Goldenrod is most commonly used mouthwash, which helps to treat inflammation associated with pharyngitis (a sore throat).



Extracts from certain flowers can serve as a variety of aids. You can use them for reducing inflammation, healing burns, cooling sunburns, helping eczema and skin abrasions. You could also make balms, rinses, and toners. Making a tincture from Calendula is also a great way to promote healing of acne.
Aloe Vera is becoming more common for people to send these chic plants as gifts. The gel inside its leaves is used to soothe burned skin and to reduce inflammation. Aloe can also be used as an oil-free moisturizer through regular use can over-dry your skin. Aloe can be used on its own but also added to base creams and lotions.


Burdock root is better taken internally. This is a plant that can be used a cleansing herb that also helps heal acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Making the root into a daily shot or adding it to a smoothie daily for up to a month will change your skin for the better!

Thyme is more effective at clearing acne than treatments using Benzoyl Peroxide. Scientists used a tincture (herb infused in alcohol) to conduct the study but if you’d like to use a less drying medium, try introducing thyme in witch hazel.

Jerry, a wide-respected florist, currently owns and operates three shops including Mr. Bokay, Greenwich Florist, and Portchester Florist. Stop in for the perfect flowers to gift or create you own in home spa!