Keep A Healthy Scalp And Say Goodbye To Faded Hair Color

Many of us who color our hair know that it is a struggle to keep our color looking fierce – especially in the summer months. It gets expensive having to keep up with the unavoidable fading while also trying to get that sun-kissed glow on our skin.

Luckily for us, Clairol’s board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Joyce Davis gave us some tips on keeping healthy hair and gorgeous color all season.

Cut down on the shampoo. Don’t be alarmed! Your hair can go much longer than you think without being washed. When it gets warm, our hair may look greasy from the natural oils going into overdrive. Shampooing more often is actually a major no-n0 for your scalp and color. “Since shampooing causes your scalp to get dried out and itchy, as you’re eliminating the hair’s natural oils that nourish the scalp and hair. Additionally, excessively shampooing your hair causes the color to fade, with the need to color your hair arising sooner than usual. As we all know, coloring hair too often causes hair to become damaged and brittle; so, try to shampoo twice a week, max,” says Dr. Davis.

Use protection. It’s no secret, we all love to lay out in the warm weather, but the sun is not your scalp’s best friend. It’s actually proven to be detrimental to the color and can burn the scalp. Dr. Davis recommends wearing a hat, spraying your roots with some SPF or staying under an umbrella. If looking for a healthy hair color option, Dr. Davis recommends Clariol’s Nice’n Easy -the formula actually makes hair healthy after you color, thanks to its EDDS technology, which provides conditioning in every step!

Do a rinse. Before you jump the pool, make sure you rinse your hair from the roots to ends. This trick will help minimize chlorine damage to your hair and scalp. Chlorine can also change or fade your color and is extremely harsh on the scalp. “Since hair is very porous, thoroughly rinsing your hair with non-chlorinated water causes the hair to absorb clean, healthy water, as opposed to chlorinated, chemically-charged pool water that breaks down hair and results in faded color, split ends and itchiness, ” Dr.Davis  explains.

If you want to keep a healthy scalp and a hydrated head of hair, fina color that is low maintenance with your summer routine. According to Dr.Davis, Clariol’s Nice’n Easy can be a great tool to achieve beautiful color for swimsuit season.

For more information on Nice’n Easy, click here.