Pretty Fork: The Best Kept Secret in American Dining

“If money didn’t matter, what would your dream job be?”
 The intense feeling of wanderlust and desire to eat our hearts out has consumed the Millennial generation; that’s why tagging ourselves in locations and sacrificing the warmth of our Sunday brunch just to get that ‘pic for the gram’ has become such a norm. Unfortunately, we can’t all be overnight Instagram sensations for food & travel, but Joe Manley, co-founder and CEO of the Pretty Fork Food Experience, has granted us the opportunity to at least get a taste of that lavish lifestyle!

The Pretty Fork Food Experience

“We are a Seattle based food experience company that started as a way for local Seattleites to keep up with the ever-changing food scene, thus beginning our progressive dinners. Over the last three years, we have become a community of diners, adding Hidden Kitchens and Destination Dining to our repertoire.  We believe disappointment is only derived from expectation, and by removing expectation we create an experience.” 

-Joe Manely, Co-Founder & CEO


…SHHHHHH! It’s a Secret! 

What could be the most intriguing part of this entire experience is that it’s a secret! That’s right, all of the details are kept quiet until right before the experience. It’s not about researching the location and developing an opinion from Yelp, beforehand; Pretty Fork wants you to trust that food is not just a meal, but a cultural experience that is there to enrich your life! The hidden kitchens and tucked away dining locations deliver an element of surprise and mystery for all diners.


This exclusive event allows for 12-14 diners per date, time and location. Consider this the Speakeasy of Dining Experiences. 24 hours before the event begins, all those attending are sent an email including the address of where to meet, parking recommendations, attire, and a glimpse into the menu.  
Over the course of three hours, guests will move between 3 locations where each restaurant will present them with a different meal. In total, you will have nine courses between all three restaurants.  Don’t try to figure it out either! The locations may all be within walking distance from each other, but the location and menus are kept hush-hush.

Time to Travel!

If you’re looking for more than your one night of adventure, Destination Dining America is the Pretty Fork option for you. This food journey is unequivocally one of the most unique series of events you will ever get a chance to attend.

The quest for fine cuisine starts with round-trip airfare to four cities around America. When you arrive in each city, 4 + star accommodations will be waiting for you, and then the eating begins!

12 of the nation’s best restaurants will house your meals over the 13-day excursion. 2 lunches, 2 progressive dinners, 4 Michelin dinners and, of course, the wine, will be provided, along with a ‘Welcome Happy Hour’ upon arrival before the trip begins.

Ready to book? The next Pretty Fork Dining Experience is set to take place April 18-30 of this year! If you’re working on a little bit of a tighter budget, Pretty Fork also offers single night events throughout the country!

To find out if a secret foodie affair is coming to a city near you click here!