Quick & Essential Must-Pack Products For All Jetsetters

Whether you’re a jet-setter, spontaneous wanderer, or business traveler, being on-the-go with all of your necessities can be a tough feat to endure. With the combined hassle of airplane regulations, having enough space in your bags -or lack thereof- and feeling uncomfortable on a 3+ hour flight, we thought it was only right to alleviate some stress before your getaway.

 Here are some tips on travel that will make your experience worry-free.

The Necessities

Grab yourself an inexpensive roll bag or travel kit. These are key in making sure you fit all of your items in one place with the added assistance of organized pockets and slots. You will want to pick something that will fit perfectly in your carry-on or can be stowed away in your luggage. These small, compact bags also act as a protective seal from any liquids that may leak or products that may explode (not literally, of course).

When you’re in flight, nothing is worse than realizing you need something that you don’t have with you. Airlines do sell products such as headphones, pillows, blankets, etc. but at an unreasonable cost. Plus, you don’t know just how sanitary or not those items are.

Skip the in-flight purchases, unless of course you’re treating yourself to a cocktail or two, and prepare beforehand. Packing your carry on travel kit will help ensure that you are all set with the essentials.


The perfect props for a comfortable in-flight rest are a small pillow, blanket, sleep mask, and headphones/earplugs. While some of these may not fit perfectly in your travel kit, they will be compact enough to fit in a reasonably sized carry-on bag.

We all know how difficult it can be to not only get comfortable in the cramped space that is your seat but to maintain that ease all flight long. If you’re looking for something that offers a packaged deal instead of buying each separately, you will find dozens of companies providing all the things you need in one bundle.

The innovative yet stylish bag and accessory brand Clare V. collaborated with Parachute, a home & bedding essentials brand, to create a trendy-travel set. It features 100% extra fine Merino wool in a sleek, limited edition design. This kit includes a super soft blanket, eye mask for a restful sleep, and a carrying case that doubles as a pillow cover. You can also check out Sleepphones, the award-winning headphones, designed by a doctor who wanted to give his patients an alternative to medication for a good night’s rest. If you are one of the individuals that are attempting to get some shut-eye on the red-eye, grab a pair of these, as it will only enhance your desire for sleep.

Moisturize– Anytime you fly it’s important to remember the environment you’re going to be in – very dry. The lack of moisture on an airplane can cause your skin to feel tight, flake off, as well as leave your lips chapped and cracked. One of my favorite products that can be tossed into any bag is a moisturizing paper face mask. Instead of using a cream based product that will be messy and difficult to use mid-flight, rip open one of these bad boys and place it on the face to add and lock in moisture. Other staple products that you may want to toss in your kit will be eye drops, hand lotion, and nasal spray.

Sanitation– Being in a small, cramped space on an airplane means there are tons of other germs surrounding you. You can never be too sure where the people next you have been; make sure you come prepared with hand sanitizer, a mini disinfectant spray, baby wipes, tissues and a small packet of Emergen-C.

The Extras– Items like a mini mirror, a small hairbrush, a travel-sized toothbrush, and toothpaste are all compact enough to fit in your travel bag. These items will help keep you looking and feeling refreshed!

Pre-made travel-kits that will do the job for you are SoapWalla, MimimusBiz, MenScience, and GetJetBlack.

Most travel-sized items sold in stores or pre-made kits are TSA friendly; however, you should always double check to make sure you do not receive any surprises at the security check, and your money doesn’t go to waste.

Preparing yourself for your flight is just as important as preparing for the trip itself. Making sure you have a comfortable experience by having access to all the things you may need can help ensure that your trip is smooth, safe and comfortable.



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