Protecting Your Skin With Good Makeup Brush Hygiene

One thing that an artist of any kind knows to be true is that the cleanliness of their tools is just as important as their purpose. Protecting your skin with good makeup brush hygiene is a definite must. When it comes to cleaning your makeup brushes, this task tends to be one of the more neglected and dreaded steps in proper routine product maintenance but can make a dramatic difference in application and end results.

However daunting this may be, it is extremely crucial for any artist to use properly cleaned brushes and tools whether it be for their own personal use or their professional traveling kit. With quality tools such as expensive make-up brushes and sponges, it is important to ensure that you are not transferring dirt, bacteria, and oil from previous products or clients onto fresh, clean skin. Skipping the cleansing process can lead to blemishes, clogged pores, breakouts, and even infections.

There are a ton of ways to cleaning your makeup brushes along with countless products on the market that can assist in the process. Although they have proven to make this chore easier and hassle-free, they can be a bit pricey.

Some affordable and easily attainable products that can be used to clean your tools can be found at your local drugstore or even in your own home.

A popular staple product that has been used for years is baby shampoo along with a combination of tea-tree oil, coconut oil, olive oil and/or anti-bacterial soap. There are different uses for certain products based on the type of brush you are cleaning, whether it be real or synthetic hair.

Softer, more gentle products such as baby shampoo should be used for brushes that contain real hairs. When a brush contains synthetic hairs, it means that the fibers are manmade from nylon fibers. These brushes work great with cream or liquid based products that will not collect on the bristles and an anti-bacterial or dish soap will help break down product build up. A dish soap, similar to Dawn will help cut through silicones and cosmetic oils that can be stubborn to remove and a thorough cleaning should do just the job.

Step 1-Begin by wetting your brushes with lukewarm water and remember to keep the bristles facing downward. Wooden handles and the adhesive that holds the bristles together do not react kindly to water. If water happens to reach the handle, there is the likelihood of shedding and the handle of the brush can loosen.

Step 2-Pour a small amount of cleansing product, typically the size of a nickel, into the palm of your hand or onto a plastic soap dish (this will help avoid making a big mess).

Step 3-Begin to work the product into the bristles of the brush using a swirling motion, achieving a rich, soapy lather.

Step 4-Rinse any excess soap and dirt off of the brush under lukewarm water.

Step 5-Taking the bristles between your thumb and index finger, gather the bristles together to gently ring out any excess water and dirt. If the water does not run clear, repeat the cleansing process until water appears to be free of dirt and oils.

Step 6-Using a paper towel or a dry cloth, gently dry the bristles and reshape them into their natural form.

Step 7– Lay the brushes flat down on a dry towel or paper towels over-night, allowing the brushes to fully air dry.

Some makeup mavens stand true to their beliefs and avoid water at all costs. These beauty gurus ditch the H2O and opt for a spirit spritz solution such as Cinema Secrets, Ben Nye and Japonesque which you can typically find at your local Ulta and Sephora. These products skip the washing process entirely and opt for a safer solution for the delicate bristles.

There are other products on the market that are designed to make brush cleaning less bothersome. Where it may not alleviate the entire hassle of achieving clean tools, it sure makes a big difference in time and effort.

The geniuses behind The Beauty Blender have their own form of cleansers that work wonders on their signature makeup beauty sponge. Their Liquid BlenderCleanser and BlenderCleanser Solid soap doubles as a brush cleaner and cuts cleansing time in half.

Sigma, who is also widely known for their affordable yet outstanding quality makeup brushes, have created products that will assist in proper brush cleansing. They have recently launched their Brush Cleaning Glove which makes washing your tools easier, faster and more convenient. With patented textures and raised nubs specifically designed for brushes used for the eyes and face, it is guaranteed that your brushes will be squeaky clean and ready to use in no time.

Another must-have for all makeup mavens is the Spa Brush Cleaning Mat with suction cups conveniently attached to the bottom ensuring it will lay flat and stay in place in any sink. This mat replicates the cleaning glove, however, it frees up both hands. Sigma then took it one step further and considered the true material and structure of makeup brushes, low and behold, The Dry’n Shape Tower. This product was designed to dry and reshape eye and face makeup brushes rather than laying them flat to dry, causing them to lose shape and possibly shed.

If you’re entirely over getting your hands dirty for the sake of your sacred cosmetic brushes, Lilumia may have the perfect product for you. Offered in four adorable colors, Lilumia created an in-home appliance, similar to a mini-dishwasher that will professionally wash your brushes for you. The device takes up just about the same amount of space as a Keurig and has been raved about by beauty experts worldwide.

Avoid pesky breakouts, uneven makeup application, and dirty brushes altogether by making it a priority to show your tools the attention they deserve. Whether you’re hand-washing them or sticking them in the washer, your brushes will last longer and your face will thank you later.