AquaGold Microchanneling Is The Key To Glowing Skin

Skin that glows like gold? Sign us up!

These days it’s not easy to figure out what beauty treatments are legit and which are all marketing ploys just by listening to the hype. It feels like every day we are being introduced to the next ‘best thing in skincare’ – but we always find ourselves asking, ‘Does it really work?’

Recently, we decided to put a popular treatment to the test. Enter AQUAGOLD Micorchanneling – also known as ‘Stamping’.

What is it? Basically, tiny needles puncture skin creating channels to deliver vitamins and nutrients to the epidermis. This treatment was designed to painlessly transfer bioactive compounds to the skin.

What is the treatment like? My experience was surprisingly easy. The doctor pulled out a tool that looked like a small clear bottle with very thin, hollow microneedles on the cap. Inside, it had a concoction of vitamins and product, specific to address the concerns I had for my face (fine lines). Next, he stamped along my forehead and around my smile lines.

So, does it work? The answer is yes! Immediately after the treatment, I had a very luminous glow and my skin was already showing signs of tightening. Within the next few days and weeks, the texture of my skin drastically improved.

Where there side effects? The only thing I experienced was mild redness.

Do you recommend? Yes, this is an excellent option if you are hoping to see a big difference in your skin.