In-Flight Travel Tips To Keep Your Skin And Body Right

Like many, I have the travel bug. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, I am constantly finding myself on an airplane – my skin has proven not to appreciate it.

It’s no secret that traveling on a plane with limited air circulation can be a severe problem for your body. No matter how long the flight, I always seem to notice the same things about my flying experience: my skin gets so dry, my nose and head become congested, my body becomes inflamed, and I typically almost always break out – bad! I knew there had to be something I can do to combat all that continually seems to take a toll on my immune system when traveling.

After lots of research and a bit of trial and error, I decided to put together an in-flight travel pack as an attempt to have a better flying experience.

Here’s what I brought on my recent international flight that changed the way I feel about traveling. Literally.

Nicole’s In-Flight Travel Tips 

Days Before Your Fly:

Arnica & Vitamin C

This was a big one for me. Taking Arnica pellets and Vitamin C starting four days to a week before getting on a flight has made all of the difference in my travels. Not only did this improve my immune systems reaction time but it also severely decreased the unavoidable swelling I seem to face every time I fly.


Argan Oil 

The second you step onto the plane, the air is going to suck the moisture right out of your face and make it dryer than the Sahara desert. My absolute favorite brand that I will never travel without is called Dirty Dude Apothecary. It’s a miracle oil. I even use it every single night before I go to sleep.

Prepping your face for the harsh circumstances, it will endure for hours in the air will make for a smooth transition. I suggest you apply a thin layer about 20 minutes into the flight, circling in an upward motion, giving yourself a mini lymphatic massage, before boarding. This will also help loosen up any blockage within your sinuses and minimize that groggy feeling in your head upon exiting the aircraft. Also, drink a small bottle of water before boarding, for extra hydration.

Compression Clothing

Another secret that I like to share is for those who bloat or swell up on airplanes. I have found that wearing a pair of Capezio tights under a pair of sweatpants or leggings helps with compression, circulation, and preventing soreness and fatigue of legs. This is especially important for those traveling on longer flights.

When Your First Board:

Moisturizer With SPF

Because you are flying closer to the sun, wearing a moisturizer with SPF is the way to go. I usually use pur-lisse with 30 SPF to protect and hydrate my skin.

Halfway Through The Flight: 

Facial Sheet Mask

One of the best things I have ever done for my traveling skin was starting to wear face masks on the airplanes. It may seem silly to look like something out of a horror film but your skin will thank you. It’s as simple as applying any 20-minute moisturizing sheet mask and tossing it out when you are done. No mess!

Throughout The Flight:


Staying hydrated is extra crucial while traveling. When you are in an environment with restricted air, especially at a high altitude, you become intensely dehydrated without even knowing it. Keeping up with your water intake will do wonders for your body and skin.

Aquaphor or Chapstick

It’s no secret that your lips get super dry when you fly. Make sure you bring along your favorite chapstick with SPF –  yes, SPF is essential when flying because like I mentioned earlier, you are closer to the sun. If not chapstick, Aquaphor works excellently to keep your lips from getting flakey and gross.

Upon Final Decent


Kiehl’s is a great brand to use for everyday moisturizing. It is not too light and not too heavy. I find that it never makes me look greasy and never causes breakouts. Applying a thin layer as you are making your descent to your destination will do the trick! Try Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream.


Other Pro Tips

  • Do not use the tap water on an airplane. The water tanks are not cleaned often and can cause your skin to break out — bad. YIKES! If you plan on washing your face, consider bringing facial cleansing wipes. If you are going to be brushing your teeth on the plane use bottled water or a Colgate Whisp (waterless) to get the job done. Dirty water can only cause you problems.


Happy travels!