Now You Can Get Your Favorite Tweezers Sharpened For Free

I’ll admit, I hoard beauty products. I have hundreds of bottles of makeup, hair products, skincare items, and more. Not exaggerating – HUNDREDS. Even though I am never running low, I continue to contribute to the multi-billion dollar beauty industry by constantly purchasing more product. I can’t stop and to be honest, why would I want to? I need to try it all.

One of my obsessions is tweezers. I use them for EVERYTHING. Plucking hairs off my face, cleaning under my nails, unclogging cosmetic bottles, etc. You name it, I find a way to use them. I have at least 8 different pairs of tweezers and each of them is a different shape and size. It’s a bit ridiculous, perhaps.

Like many others, my favorite tweezer brand is Tweezerman. Recently I found yet another reason to love this company. Because I use them so often, I have a lot of trouble parting ways with my dull tweezers – until I purchase a new pair of sharp, shiny, beautiful implements, that is.  But still, each pair is unique and I never feel like any two tweezers function exactly the same. Maybe that’s just my excuse to keep buying more; who knows. Anyways…

Tweezerman‘s FREE SHARPENING initiative may be my greatest customer service discovery yet.  Yes, you read that correctly – FREE SHARPENING.

You can send your favorite Tweezerman Tweezers back to the company for a second chance at life. By completing a simple form and following the easy steps on their website, you now have the opportunity to mail out our beloved tools and get them back as good as new, proving that this company stands by its famous guarantee.

The video below gives you a better idea of how this process works:

To learn more about the answer to all of our Tweezer prayers, click here.

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