Protect Your Skin From The Harshness Of Summer Travel

With summer travel in full swing, the most important thing we need to do is protect our skin. Traveling is fun until you get caught up in the sun and realize you have destroyed your skin. The sun can be brutal to our bodies.  To keep the body balanced, there are some specifics for us keep in mind depending on the mode of transportation. Expert esthetician and founder of Face to Face NYC, Enrique Ramirez, has some skin tips for us, no matter how you are traveling:

Traveling by Boat

  • Sunscreen needs to be your top priority. Be sure to apply every 2 hours, especially if you’re swimming or sweating.
  • Wear a hat to protect your neck and head. Windburn and sunburn are painful and leave tons of damage on your skin – even if you can’t see it right away.
  • Eat and drink for hydration. Water and antioxidant foods like berries, watermelon, and green tea protect your skin from free radicals which accelerate your skin to age.
  • Breathe in that fresh sea air. It’s been shown to promote a positive mood and reduce stress.
  • Pack a good moisturizer since the sun and salt water cause dehydration. Also, rinse off that salt water immediately if you can,

Traveling by Car

  • SPF. Apply at least 15 minutes BEFORE leaving and to your entire body. Most don’t realize that the sun’s UVA rays can and will penetrate through the light summer clothes.
  • Watch those elbows and arms. They get the most sun exposure and could lead to a sunburn.
  • Avoid the sunroof/convertible. Most skin damage happens on the heads and necks.
  • If you plan to be confined in a car for several hours, opt to wear breathable, comfy clothing that isn’t too tight to prevent eczema, heat bumps and rashes.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. You might need to make more rest stops, but those stops will give your body an opportunity to stretch and promote better circulation. Be sure to pack a hand sanitizer to use between stops.

Traveling by Plane

  • Before heading to the airport, take a lukewarm shower (hot water will strip away moisture), and apply lotion to damp skin to seal the moisture.
  • Use a travel-size spray toner several times in-flight to keep your skin dewy.
  • During a flight, keep seatbelt fasten and air vent away from your face as the air you’re breathing is drying and recycled.
  • If you must have adult beverages, avoid Bloody Mary’s as the canned tomato juice has a high concentration of sodium. Bloating is not worth it!
  • Avoid at all cost eucalyptus or menthol in any of your skincare products, they may smell fresh but extremely drying – this is a very common ingredient in lip balms.


After you return home, book a hydrating facial, like the Super 02 Facial at Face to Face NYC to drench your skin with vitamins, minerals and an oxygen blast to your skin – oxygen is known to help repair tissue and is used primarily in burn units to help with healing.