The Only Program You Will Ever Need To Achieve Your Goals

If you Google “goal achievement systems,” you will come up with over 5000 results from people who believe that their program is the only one to follow if you want to achieve your specific goals in life. And, as with many programs in the world, some of them are valid, some of them are invalid, and some of them only work for a few people now and then.

In 1996, number one best-selling author, counselor and life coach David Essel created a goal achievement system that has blown away the minds of millions of people, helping them to finally accomplish goals that have been elusive to them in life.
When we heard about it, we were sold – so of course, we had to spread the word.
In David’s brand new book “Focus: Slay Your Goals,” he shares this goal achievement system in a highly outlined way, and today he is going to share with you the most important points that go along with his program to help you achieve whatever goal that is on your table right now.
From The Desk of Guest Editor, David Essel:

I remember up until 1996, as a counselor and life coach, I would help people to try to achieve several of their biggest goals at once like sobriety, major weight loss, and even finding deep love. Some wanted help healing a broken relationship, and others needed guidance on finding the career path that is right for them. Some wanted both. We had great success. But everything was about to change in that very year in regards to how I did my work with my clients, as well as my own goal setting and goal achievement programs for me personally.

Until 96′, I had used the most popular program of our day which was called the Quadrant Theory of Goal Setting. With this theory, you choose four major areas of life to work on at the same time and put a little bit of effort every day in the each of the four quadrants to change your life. We thought it worked. But it really didn’t.

The problem with setting goals with multiple areas of life is that once we start to go after let’s say weight loss, and the weight isn’t coming off at the speed we’d like, often we will drop that as a goal and start putting more time into something like making money. And when that isn’t coming fast enough we switch to another one. As you can see, this is almost like multitasking with goals. While some people will find a small shift in their goals, and accomplish some of the things that they’d like to, it will never be an intense goal achievement program because it’s too easy to change tracks and go after something new when your initial goal wasn’t working.

So in that year, we created something radically different that even up till today, is the most highly focused form of goal achievement you’ll ever follow.

The One Thing Theory ™, was created in 1996 after my interview with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of transcendental meditation.
During this interview, it was evident to him that we needed to focus on one thing at a time, it didn’t matter what we were focusing on, but to distract our attention to multiple goals didn’t make sense to him, and his comments hit me in the heart and stuck.
 After that interview, when I went home and created The One Thing Theory ™, my life radically changed. I shattered my addiction to cocaine. A year later I broke my addiction to codependency and my intimate relationships. Both of these issues in my own life I had struggled with for over 25 years so when I figured out that by following this program I created I could become free, I knew I had to use it with my clients.

Thus a new program began, and my clients started to achieve goals they hadn’t been able to accomplish in years and years before working this system. This program states that “at any given time in life, there is only one goal to go after. It’s the one we have procrastinated on, denied, delayed working through. And once we go after a goal, like a bulldog on a bone, relentlessly pushing forward, our entire lives will radically change.”
And it’s true.
What is the one goal that you’ve denied the most in your life? What is the one goal you’ve been procrastinating on the most? Maybe weight-loss? Sobriety? Making more money? Finding a deeper path to God? Creating deep love? Saving your current relationship?

Through the program, we encourage people to do some deep soul-searching, come up with the one area of life that you have not accomplished and perhaps procrastinated on, and set a daily action step program 5 to 7 days a week to attack this one goal. This system is so powerful that in our new book we share stories about a variety of different people – Evelyn, who lost 245 pounds to become a bodybuilder in her 50s. Tim, who shattered a 30-year addiction to opiates and alcohol, and saved his marriage at the same time. Another couple, married 17 years, on the verge of divorce after an affair, not only kept the marriage together but now through this day, to this day, by following the program that we teach, has a love ten times deeper than when they first married. We also had someone who desired a deep one on one relationship with God, found after a short 60 days that she had achieved something she had wanted since she was a little girl. And yet another client almost tripled her income after 90 days of following this incredible goal achievement system. And, by the way, she has a high school education, had never attended college in her life.

The One Thing Theory is incredibly powerful. I have used it not only to get sober but to double and triple my income, to forgive someone who stole $20,000 from me and so much more. If it works for me and all of my clients, I know it’ll work for you.

David Essel’s work is verified by psychology today who calls him one of the top counselors and life coaches in the USA. Both Wayne Dyer and celebrity Jenny McCarthy amongst scores of other experts also endorse David’s work.

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