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Sleep Well, Beautiful

Beauty sleep isn’t just an old adage, it’s something that most men and women are in dire need of. Today, most people sacrifice sleep for just about anything, but what they don’t realize is the harm that sleep deprivation is actually doing to the body.

For many…

…the idea of the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night is nothing more than a fantasy or a distant childhood memory, thus why being healthy all together has become a modern-day struggle. Frequently attributed to stress, a vast majority of men and women complain about their tiring looks and lack of glow without realizing the direct correlation between stress and sleep.

When your sleep pattern is altered or disturbed, imbalances within the brain begin to affect stress levels. Relatively, stress is one of the main causes of insomnia, ergo continuing the vicious cycle. Although naps do help, solid REM cycle sleep is needed in order to de-stress and bring the body back to its natural harmony.


Sleep is age’s best friend.

The more youthful you desire to look, the more sleep you need to get. Want your skin to stay flawless and youthful? Sleep is a must. As stated by, a lack of sleep results in higher cortisol levels which impact the texture and quality of your skin. The higher the levels elevate, the worse condition your skin will be in. The moisture levels of your epidermis will decrease influencing your complexion. Surgery, creams nor Botox can help if you do not get the recommended about of sleep.


One tell-tale sign that you’re suffering from lack of sleep is the dreaded dark under the eye circles. This again goes back to the health of your derma. When your skin is lacking moisture and nutrients, the skin under your eyes can appear darker due to dark blood vessels rising to the surface. Although there are other reasons you can begin to see dark circles under your eyes, sleep is the most common cause amongst adults.


The only thing worse than looking tired is looking tired & sick. A deficiency of sleep lowers your immune system capabilities making you more susceptible to illness. Stressed, sleep deprived and sick is a horrid combination, and for some, can even be deadly. In order for your body’s immune system to maintain strength, it needs time to regenerate and fight off anything that could be lingering in your system; this is best done during sleep. Without the opportunity to heal, the immune system will continue to weaken, and at some points, even shut down.

Sadly, when you deny sleep, you start to deny other things as well, including sex. You don’t have to feel guilty about the desire to have sex- in fact, have as much as you’d like! The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks, (if there even are any). We’ve drawn the connection between your immune system health and sleep, now let’s take it the next step further.

Sex has great advantages for the body, aside from the obvious. A healthy sex life promotes a healthy immune system because it raises the levels of antibodies in your system. Thus, a lack of sex due to a lack of sleep results in poor health.

Life, in general, is demanding, and society is relinquishing all decisions that involve living a healthy lifestyle. If you find yourself to be an insomniac or constantly tired, try to organize your day in a way that allows you to turn in a little earlier or sleep a little later. Once you find balance, you’ll be able to reduce stress and rest easier, beginning the cycle of good sleep. Keep your wellness and beauty as a priority and you’ll remain youthful and healthy throughout your life.  


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